SiOO:X wood protection & wood treatment

One of the concerns we frequently get asked is the maintenance and upkeep on finished wood materials, whether it be engineered, thermally modified ABODO or solid species.

We offer pre-finsihing and custom options which vary from project to project.

However if you are looking for a low maintenance eco-friendly option, which only looks better with time, we would highly suggest SiOO:X as a solution.

A natural silicon-based wood protector, it can enhance the performance of wood, environmentally friendly & water based system it has been used in Scandinavian nations for over a decade, due to it’s unique ability to provide a pleasing aesthetic while being extremely sustainable. Assisting in providing a longer life span of wood construction materials, it protects against uneven weathering & discolouration, algae, & surface imperfections, as well as splintering of the timber surface although uncommon.

SiOO:X treated timber is meant to get more beautiful with time, getting brighter not darker over time.


The patented silicon technology in SiOO:X protects and works with the wood in a process using two products. Wood protection followed by surface protection.

  • the initial treatment opens up the wood & penetrates deeply into the structure of the material unlike most pre-finishing alternatives which remain on the surface of the wood