solid species siding & Soffitting applications

When choosing siding, there are a long list of factors to consider; aesthetic, value added, durability and environmental sustainability. While not only being an extremely durable siding, it does not shrink or twist. It is made from the highest quality cedar and costs less than solid cedar. This product will not disappoint. Naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects choosing cedar siding is a great choice. With the ability to install vertical or horizontal, our cedar siding has been a top choice for builders.

STK Cedar, fire treated, pressure treated? We have you covered.
An alternative to our engineered cedar products

SPECS: with the widest selection of styles and accessories available;

EXPOSURE: 4.5”, 7” & 14”

FINISHING STYLES: traditional staggered & contemporary even butt

SPACING: keyway spacing & contemporary with little gap

ACCESSORIES: pre-made corner options available (mitred & boston weave)

PRE-FINISHING: available RAW or pre-finished