ABODO l thermally modified wood

ABODO | thermally modified wood

stable. sustainably sourced. simply stunning

ABODO | thermally modified wood

stable. sustainably sourced. simply stunning

One of our newest product lines, we are excited to be working with is ABODO, a thermally modified timber, sourced & harvested in New Zealand’s certified rapidly renewable plantation forests. One of the only building materials which actually stores carbon rather than emits carbon during manufacturing is the ABODO line of cladding, screening, decking & panelling.

ABODO is sourced from radiata pine, which grows at a substantially faster rate than standard species,  harvested in (Forest Stewardship Council) FSCÒ certified farms, it undergoes a process of thermal modification, where its been heated in temperatures greater than 190 degrees c, changing the composition of the wood at a cellular level. with higher dimensional stability in the structural changes of the wood, ABODO timbers offer a number of exterior & interior options that offer warranties, sustainable & eco-friendly void of chemical use in manufacturing to provide aesthetics hard to beat!


CLADDING |ABODO’s line of eco-friendly cladding solutions range in architectural profiles from vertical TG siding to a more traditional horizontal shiplap, ABODO grain is naturally knot free, which provides a clean modern aesthetic. ABODO’s most well known siding product is VULCAN CLADDING a vertical grain TG for superior stability & weathering characteristics.

  • various finishes will provide different aesthetics, but range from charred, primed, & standard Cladding with a finishing treatment applied.


DECKING | Without compromising design aesthetic, ABODO decking allows a project to use nature in a strong durable environment, high traffic areas, no longer require plastics, veneers or substrates that promise what ABODO can offer. Using renewable certified wood products, treated with an organic preservative system allowing for superior water repellent environments, enhanced stability with the thermal modification process & reduced resin content it has a consistent homogenous colour tone.


SCREENING | architectural slats, screens & privacy

The go to in design circles. Creating a natural vibe inside & out, with the use of slats, louvres, architectural fins & rain screens.  Available in a number of profiles, that only get more uniquely stunning with time. Available in longer lengths then standard solid or engineered species.

When you’re looking for that wow factor, ABODO screening is your best bet.


PANELLING | interior walls, ceilings & soffits

Using the same thermally modified technique but using only a portion of the thickness, we can offer the look & feel of warmth to any interior space or exterior soffit solutions without the same price point as a naturally milled species. Again with little to no knots, a clear panelling solution, pre-finished in a uniform colour.

modern. clean. minimal. sustainable.

We don’t need to compromise design to be a sustainable, exterior cladding option, with the longevity & stability of using real wood.